What We Do

About Housing Matters

Housing Matters was formed to help give advice, guidance and support around housing matters to people living on the Isle of Man.

The Definition of Homeless…

“Homeless people include not only those with no accommodation, but also those living somewhere that is unsuitable, unsafe or short term. Our vision is that everyone has the opportunity to access housing appropriate to their need.”

The Aims and Objectives

To relieve hardship and distress amongst homeless people and those living in adverse housing conditions.

To establish partnerships and develop services in conjunction with public, private and charitable bodies

To raise funds and make monies available to support such activities.

To promote and support the provision of accommodation for homeless people and the provision of related services.

To conduct and procure research concerning homelessness.

To educate the public concerning the nature, causes and effects of homelessness.

To identify and promote potential opportunities for homeless people.

To work towards prevention of homelessness.

The People

Housing Matters coordinates a number of schemes on the island, in an effort to reduce homelessness.

Drop In Advice Centre

Our day center is open for ‘Drop In Advice’. This is a place where you will be given time to help understand your options on the Isle of Man on Housing, Benefits and other Services you may require.

Our ‘Drop In’ times are Monday to Friday 9 – 12pm. To access other services out of these times we request an appointment is made by calling us on 675507

We can also provide information on Public and Private Lettings and available accommodations, Benefits, Health and Education programs, ‘options for living’.


Professional Access

We work with other agencies to provide access to information and services for the following:

Legal Advice
Social Worker

For any further information about Welfare Advice, please contact info@housingmatters.im

If you would like to volunteer at Housing Matters, please see our volunteering page for more information.


Peer Education

In an attempt to reduce the number of young people becoming homeless, Housing Matters organises and delivers Peer Education sessions, where previously homeless experienced and trained youngsters will talk to teenagers about their experiences.

Peer Education involves suitably trained young people, who have been homeless themselves, going into schools to talk to young people about the realities of leaving home. They will also be able to offer information on the accommodation options available on the island.

This scheme has been running since September following our successful training. We have received continuous positive feedback about our sessions.

If anyone would like us to deliver our Peer Education sessions to groups of young people we would be more than happy to do this. Please telephone us on 675507

We are currently looking to train new Peer Educators who have had experience of homelessness – If you would like to become a Peer Educator, please call us




Call for help now 675507

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