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Tenant Information

You may have seen the adverts PROFESSIONAL COUPLES/SINGLES without PETS, CHILDREN and NO DSS.  Society is rich in diversity and not reflective of just these categories of people.


Where possible having a good reference from a previous landlord and/or your bank will always put you in good light to a prospective landlord and I always advise that you take these references with you when you first go to view the property as it is a very good way to speed up the letting process.

Start thinking of who you could contact, a friend/employer/line manager who is in a position to give you a character reference can also help too.


First impressions last – A good saying! and true in the case of first meetings with your prospective landlord.

Dress to impress – Showing you are making an effort and that you take pride in your appearance will show that you will take pride in their house/flat.

When you have been successful in choosing your property the next step is SUSTAINING it.

1.       Understanding what is required of you to pay your rent on time.

2.       Understanding the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.

3.       Understanding the general rules of the property (ie:  you might be restricted to  not having guests overnight if you are going to stay in a bedsit)

From the Human Rights Act 1998 It states that we all have the basic Human Right to:- “the right to respect for private and family life” But do we always consider other people’s right to this?

This right can be seen by others as being breached by:-  Playing loud music, having late night parties, banging and slamming doors, having guests hanging around in corridors and coming and going as they please, smoking in a non-smoking building.

When you take and agree to the terms of your Tenancy, you are agreeing to take on the responsibility to live in peace with your neighbours.

You are also taking the responsibility for any of your guest’s behaviour whilst they are in your rented accommodation.

Do you consider this when you sign up to a Tenancy? How might you consider to “respect their right to a private and family life”.

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